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Fiji 2 ALD (fiji2)


photo of Fiji2 in SNF Cleanroom

Fiji2 is a load-locked, plasma-enabled atomic layer deposition (ALD) system. Coupled with Fiji1, Fiji2 is a Fiji F202 system from Cambridge Nanotech and is capable of both thermal and plasma assisted ALD of various dielectric and metallic films. The system can accommodate pieces up to an 8" wafer. Fiji2 is currently classified as Flexible and is open to a wide range of materials.


Lab Organization, Location, and NEMO Information

NEMO Area: 
SNF: Chemical Vapor Deposition

Training and Maintenance

Lab Facility: 
Training Charges: 
2.00 hours
Primary Trainer: 
Backup Trainer(s): 
Primary Maintenance: 
Backup Maintenance: 

Steps to become a tool user

  1. Become a member of SNF.
  1. Shadowing is required. Contact a qualified lab member of the tool to arrange to ‘shadow’. It would be best to find someone who has used the system often. If you don’t know of anyone, you may check reservations or history to find a qualified user. We recommend that you be with the lab member for the full time while operating the tool and ask lots of questions during the shadowing. You may have to shadow a qualified user more than one time to be comfortable with the tool. Please follow the instructions on this form: Shadowing at SNF
  2. Written Quiz. After shadowing a user, contact the primary trainer to take the short written quiz for the Fiji1/2. The quiz is closed book and all the information should be known to a someone who has studied the online documentation and has gone through a shadowing.
  3. Oral Qualification Exam. After the written quiz has been passed, you may schedule a final oral qualification exam with the primary trainer or a superuser.  At this exam you are expected to demonstrate your ability to run the tool safely and appropriately without any input.  Once this final stage is satisfactorily passed, you will be given full access and utilization for the Fiji1 and Fiji2 as an operator.