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Processing Techniques

The Processing Techniques section is a starting point for those who know the general type of processing they want to do, but are not necessarily familiar with the fab lingo.

Projects & Processes

In this section of our website, we are collecting practical, detailed, how-to information that will hopefully help you design and troubleshoot your process.

The Projects portion contains reports from course projects (E241/EE412), SNF Community Service Projects, and nano@stanford fellowship projects.

The Nano Nuggets section has bite-size pieces of processing knowledge. Some of them are step by step instructions for basic processes (called Standard Operating Procedures, or SOPs), some of them are things that researchers wish they had known before they started, and some are clever solutions they found to get over problems they encountered. 

The Processes and Runsheets sections contains very detailed information about some common procedures that are done in our labs.

All of this content is user generated—if you would like to contribute please contact a staffer!

Last modified: 25 Jan 2023