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SNF Training Shadowing Form

About Shadowing:

To become qualified to use a specific piece of equipment, it may be required that you observe, or ‘shadow’, a qualified user operating it. Shadowing may be required before or after your training/qualification session with the responsible SNF staff person.

1. Check the website and contact the responsible staff person to get: the specific training requirements for this tool, operating instructions and training checklist. If shadowing is required, use this form.

2. Find a qualified user to shadow. Contact a qualified user of the tool to arrange to ‘shadow’. It would be best to find someone who has used the system often. If you don’t know of anyone, you may check reservations or history to find a qualified user. You may also contact the Discussion List. Ask if it would be OK for you to observe the user while operating this system. If you have difficulty finding someone to observe, contact the responsible process staff person for this system. We recommend that you be with the lab member for the full time while operating the tool and ask lots of questions during the shadowing. You may have to shadow a qualified user more than one time to be comfortable with the tool.

3. Be courteous during observation. Understand the lab members you are observing are processing their own work. Please give the lab members your full attention and refrain from interrupting their concentration if asked.

4. Bring this form to your shadowing session and have the qualified lab member you are shadowing sign off. (Print on cleanroom paper.)


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Thursday, August 10, 2023