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Fiji1,2,and3 Loading and Unloading Videos

SNF Fiji loading animation

This animation shows the "theory" of how to load and unload the Fijis (1,2, and 3) at SNF.

Best case Fiji loading video

This is a video taken of a successful load of the sample into the SNF Fiji. The chamber and load lock have been vented so you can see what is going on- when you are actually running the tool you will not be able to see this.

Typical SNF Fiji loading video

Here is a more realistic video of a Fiji load (note that the plate first hit the heater, then was adjusted up by turning the cuff a bit, then it went in). Again, this is with the chamber and the load lock vented so you will not be able to see this when you are actually running the tool.

Most common issue SNF Fiji loading video

And here is a video of the most common loading problem (when you go to insert the pins into the block on the sample plate, they don’t go in all the way so the plate drops). When you are actually runnning the tool and not able to see all of this, you will hear a big clang and if you look through the window at the top of the load lock, most likely you will see the sample plate or the very edge of it sitting on the floor of the load lock close to the chamber.

Friday, August 11, 2023