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Wet Bench Flexcorr 2 (wbflexcorr-2)


Wet Bench flexcorr-2 , part of Wet Bench wbflexcorr-1 and -2, is for wet chemical (corrosives) processing of standard (like silicon,quartz) and non-standard materials (like glass, gold, or metals), pieces, and wafers up to 6 inch for manual processing in beakers or labware. Processing includes but is not limited to wafer cleaning, etching of silicon, oxide etching using HF, metal etching such as aluminum, gold, or chrome. The cleanliness is determined by the labware. Wbflexcorr-1 provides one DI water sink, a separate drain for HF waste disposal, one hot plate for heating acids or bases in beakers. Wbflexcorr-2 provides two 6 inch quartz-lined hot pots for SNF standard cleans or etchants (such as piranha, SC1, SC2, KOH, or TMAH), one 4 inch quartz-lined hot pot for 90% sulfuric acid/hydrogen peroxide (piranha) clean, and one dump rinser. Gallium Arsenide [GaAs] and III-V compounds (indium, gallium, arsenic, aluminum and phosphide based) materials are allowed but only in personal labware, not in any of the hot pots or dump rinser. Consult staff for non-standard processing conditions (such as elevated temperatures, unusually extended process times, or mixing of chemicals), even if standard SNF etchants and chemicals are to be used.


Capabilities and Specifications


Manual wet etching of non-standard materials. Hot pots available. GaAs allowed in personal labware only

Lab Organization, Location, and NEMO Information

NEMO Area: 
SNF: Wet Benches

Training and Maintenance

Lab Facility: 
Training Charges: 
2.00 hours
Primary Trainer: 
Backup Trainer(s): 
Primary Maintenance: 
Backup Maintenance: 

Steps to become a tool user

  1. Become a member of SNF.
  1. Study the relevant operating procedures:
  2. Shadowing is required. Contact a qualified lab member of the tool to arrange to ‘shadow’. It would be best to find someone who has used the system often. If you don’t know of anyone, you may check reservations or history to find a qualified user. We recommend that you be with the lab member for the full time while operating the tool and ask lots of questions during the shadowing. You may have to shadow a qualified user more than one time to be comfortable with the tool. Please follow the instructions on this form: Shadowing at SNF
  3. For upcoming training check the Training dashboard (login required).
  4. Contact the primary trainer: Uli Thumser

Operating Instructions