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Lakeshore Hall Measurement System (LakeshoreHall)


The Lakeshore 8404 Hall measurement tool is installed in Allen 151 at SNF and we have demonstrated the functionality by AlGaN/GaN HEMT, diamond and 2D material samples. The capability of this tool:
  • Ideal for variable temperature measurement and mobilities from 1 to 106 cm2/V s
  • Optional AC field extends mobility measurement range down to 10-3 cm2/V s
  • Maximum DC fields to 1.67 T 
  • Optional AC fields to 1.18 T
  • Standard resistance range of 0.5 mΩ to 10 MΩ
  • Temperatures from 15 K to 1273 K



Capabilities and Specifications

Material Thickness Range: 100.0 μm - 1000.0 μm
Process Temperature Range: 
-258 °C - 1000 °C
Maximum Load: 
1 piece

Lab Organization, Location, and NEMO Information

Lab Organization: 
NEMO Area: 
nSiL: 151 Ocean

Training and Maintenance

Lab Facility: 
Training Charges: 
3.00 hours
Primary Trainer: 
Primary Maintenance: