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Superconducting Parallel Plate Capacitors with High Kinetic Inductance

Project Type: 
March 2020
Areas of Interest: 
Superconductors, Capacitors
Processing Technique (former Function and Method): 
Researchers and (Mentors): 
Kevin Multani, Debadri Das, Hubert Stokowski, (Usha Raghuram), (Swaroop Kommera), (Don Gardner)
Nano Nugget(s): 

Procedures for troubleshooting post Nb-etch residues on Sapphire wafers are described.

We worked out a method for releasing niobium structures with high yield.

The basic version of the Standard Operating Procedures for this tool is already available online but we propose a modified version that ensures higher yield of successful releasing and better overall cleanliness of the process on small chips: