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Fabrication of an Etched Silicon Microdissection Platform with Applications in Organotypic Culture and Personalized Immunotherapy Testing

Project Type: 
March 2020
Areas of Interest: 
Silicon patterning for tissue cutting
Processing Technique (former Function and Method): 
Researchers and (Mentors): 
Nicolas Castaño, Seth Cordts, Saisneha Koppaka (Usha Raghuram), (Tony Ricco), (Mark Zdeblick)
Nano Nugget(s): 

Step-by-step procedures and processing tips for fabrication of an SiOx hardmask for deep silicon etch in the SNF.

Tips for using the Keyence to image cross sections of wafer pieces. This can be used as a quick check before X-SEM.

This document contains standard operating procedures (SOPs) for the following processes: 1.Fabrication of oxide hard mask for deep silicon etching. 2.Tapered etch method for blade formation using ​PT-DSE 3.Through-hole etching using ​PT-DSE