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Jasco UV-Vis-NIR (jasco-uv-vis-nir)


(From the Jasco website)

The unique single monochromator design of the V-670 requires fewer mirrors to provide a higher throughput resulting in a better signal-to-noise ratio over the entire spectral range. Many UV-Vis/NIR applications require reflectance or transmittance measurements of special optics, films, and wafers. The optional large sample compartment can directly accomodate large samples non-destructively. Several integrating spheres are available including a remote optical fiber unit which can measure the diffuse reflection of a variety of solid samples, such as pastes, clothing materials and food products.

Our instrument has capability to measure from 190-3200nm. We also have an integrating sphere and a solid film holder that can accommodate 0.5-25 mm film thicknesses. The sample size range is 5 mm x 5 mm minimum size and 80 mm x 100 mm maximum.



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