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Released Lithium Niobate Structures on Silicon using the PT-DSE

Project Type: 
June 2021
Areas of Interest: 
MEMS, structure release
Processing Technique (former Function and Method): 
Researchers and (Mentors): 
Oliver Hitchcock, Takuma Makihara, (Usha Raghuram), (Tony Ricco), (Mark Zdeblick)
Nano Nugget(s): 

In this SOP we present a release process that was tested for structures made of aluminum and lithium niobate that are partially masked by SPR-3612, but the process should be applicable to other materials/photoresist, provided they are not etched by SF6.

One can accurately determine horizontal etch rates by looking at unreleased structures with an overhead SEM. However, this will only work with materials that one can see through with the SEM, such as thin film aluminum and similar materials with low atomic number.