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Face shield cleaning using steamer

Wet Bench PPE

Chemical Aprons:

- Brand new aprons are kept in the supplies rack in L119, near the exit. Check out on the Lab Management System (LSM) on the Supplies tab (Cleanroom Supplies > Clothing > Chemical Apron)
- Store your apron in a labeled, plastic bag, hung on the rack next to the epi.
- Recommended:  After using, wipe down the outside with water (in case of chemicals).

Face shields:

Face shields must be disinfected between each user. (Frequent users may purchase a personal face shield for their own use - ask staff).


    Disinfecting Face Shields using the LG Steamer

    The LG Steamer is used for sanitization of face shields. The steamer is located in L119, near the exit. The rack inside the steam will hold up to six face shields at a time.  When you are done using your face shield, place it on an empty shelf.  If there are other used face shields, place them inside the steamer. When the shelves are full, you must start the steamer.

    When the steamer is full or in process, place your used face shield in the bin next to the steamer. 

    Before operating, check the drain tank at the bottom of the steamer. The left-side Drain tank collects condensed steam and should be emptied regularly.  To empty, lift the white cap and pouring the water out into a nearby emergency shower drain.    Then place the tank back into the drain slot.

    Check the right side water supply tank. If empty, fill the tank with regular city water (no DI water) not higher than the MAX fill line.  Place the tank back.  Close the steamer door.

    Operate the steamer

    1. Press the power on button at the top left of the panel on the front door.

    2. Press the “Sanitary” button to program the santization cycle. “1:28” will appear,  This is the cycle time in hours and minutes. 

    3. Press the “Hold to Start” button for a few second to start the cycle.

    4. Move the Clean/Dirty sign to 'Clean'. And you are done.  After 90 minutes, the steamer cycle will be done. 

    Once the steaming cycle is done:

    1. Remove all sanitized face shields
    2. Move the Clean/Dirty sign to "Dirty"
    3. Place sanitized face shields on the rack next to the Chemical Passthrough.
    Last modified: 19 Oct 2023