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Chemical Formula: 

Single Crystal Silicon (LPCVD):
Growing silicon layer with a continuous single crystal lattice structure.

PolySi (LPCVD):
PolySi Polysilicon can be deposited using the processing technique LPCVD. Polysilicon layers do not have a continuous structure (unlike single crystal continuous layers).
(epi2, Thermcopoly, Thermocopy 2)

Amorphous Silicon (LPCVD):
Poly crystalline or amorphous silicon is deposited by low pressure chemical vapor deposition at temperatures between 550-800C and silane as the precursor for Thermcopoly. Temperatures between 600C-1150C, Silane and dichlorosilane as precirsor for Epi2.  By adding sopants to the reaction mxture, doped Si can be deposited as well.
(epi2, ThermcoPoly1, ThermcoPoly2)

Amorphous Silicon (PECVD):
a-Si is deposited at low temperatures in PECVD (200C - 350C) and HDPCVD (50C - 140C). 5% Silane or 100% Silane used as the precursor for depositing amorphous silicon onto substrates in the PECVD system. 
(CCP-dep, hdpcvd)




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